COLLDV-L mailing list archives

This is the home page for an archives of colldv (formally, COLLDV-L), a mailing list for collection development librarians. The official home page of the mailing list is There you ought to be able to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. But here is a tiny bit of history:

Lynn Sipe at the University of Southern California created colldv-l in the mid-1990s as a forum for collection development librarians. I joined as co-moderator in 1999. The original list runs on an antiquated USC listproc server; Lynn stepped away from the list in 2013; and I am now ready to do the same. It is time to find the list a new home and ALCTS-CMS is a logical owner. Lynn and I thank ALCTS Executive Director Keri Cascio and the CMS leadership for supporting the list going forward. --John Abbott (August 6, 2015)

Eric Lease Morgan <>
August 7, 2015