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From: Karen Coyle <lists_at_nyob>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 15:02:04 -0700
Sorry, got to correct something... The quote beginning "Work is already 
underway...." is from Marshall's LJ article, not OCLC. If you read 
through the document at* *it seems to 
include all of the ILS functions but OCLC does not say "ILS" anywhere 
that I can see. I believe Marshall's analysis is correct, however, that 
the ILS is their target.


Karen Coyle wrote:
> David Pattern wrote:
>> OCLC announces "quick start" version of the OCLC WorldCat Local service
> They've been hinting that this is the direction they're working in for 
> a while. I'm trying to imagine how it will work, and the description 
> is pretty vague. In some areas it seems to want to interface with your 
> current ILS; in others it wants to replace it. I think it's a continuum:
> "Work is already underway at OCLC to add circulation and delivery, 
> print and electronic acquisitions, and license management 
> functionality to WorldCat Local that will allow libraries to phase out 
> their ILS and take advantage of these business automation services 
> provided in a cloud computing model based on the representation of 
> their collection in"
> OCLC already does ILL, but that's mainly because ILL depends on 
> interaction with other libraries. Some of the other functions, like 
> circulation or acquisitions, don't currently need to take advantage of 
> information about other libraries in order to work. Will there be an 
> advantage to having them run by OCLC over a local system, other than 
> outsourcing the system aspects? What will the disadvantages be? What 
> about all of the customization that libraries always ask vendors to do 
> for certain functions (acquisitions, notably)? Will OCLC provide 
> customization?
> I love the statement in the FAQ:
> *"NOTE: * The OCLC control number 
> <> is required 
> and must be consistently indexed and prefixed in your library's 
> catalog in order for item location and availability status to display."
> What this essentially means is that if you have a Sirsi/Dynix, Ex 
> Libris, etc., ILS, your current vendor has to serve up the OCLC number 
> consistently so that you can begin to replace them with OCLC. Hmmm.
> I really wonder now about the policy statement on 'Reasonable Use' 
> which is defined as any use of WorldCat records that "substantially 
> replicates the function, purpose, and/or size of WorldCat." If they 
> move into ILS functions, will other ILS's be treated as rivals who 
> shouldn't be allowed to make use of WorldCat records? No, that would 
> just be too... too.
> kc

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