edUi 2012 Call For Proposals

From: EdUI Conference <info_at_nyob>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 15:20:54 -0400
I thought some of you library code jockeys might be interested in this call
for proposals for edUi 2012.


We Want You @ edUi 2012

We seek dynamic speakers willing to share their knowledge and
expertise about Web design, user experience design and
development. Preference is given to presentations that offer
practical methods and ready-to-use techniques and tools.

You can look at our programs from previous years for inspiration
( 2009 [], 2010
[], 2011
[]) or come up with
something so totally mind-blowing and new that we can't possibly
imagine this conference without it.

Deadline for Proposals: June 15, 2012

Submit Your Proposal Now! []

Why Speak @ edUi?

Because you've got knowledge to share with your peers.

Your boss will think it's so cool that you shared a stage with Jared Spool.

It looks great on your resume (in case your boss doesn't know who Jared
Spool is).

Everyone who submits a proposal gets 10% off registration.

Speakers attend for free!*

*Speakers are responsible for travel and lodging.

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edUi is a Program of: Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
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