Re: Models of MARC in RDF

From: Matt Machell <mattmachell_at_nyob>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 12:33:24 +0000
Owen mentioned the Talis (now Capita Libraries) model. If you'd like
more info on that, our tech lead put his slides from the Linked Data
in Libraries event online at:

They cover some of the work we've done, approaches taken and some of
the challenges (in both released and as yet unreleased versions of the

For some context, the Prism data model is used on some 70 or so
University and local authority catalogues in the UK and Ireland. Any
item in those catalogues can be accessed as linked data by appending
the appropriate file type (.nt, .rdf or .json) to the item uris (or
.rss to search uris), for example:

Hope that's helpful.

Matt Machell

Senior Developer, Prism 3 - Capita LIbraries

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