From: Karen Coyle <lists_at_nyob>
Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 10:07:41 -0700
Quoting MJ Suhonos <mj_at_SUHONOS.CA>:

> Let me give another example: the Open Library API returns a JSON   
> tree, eg.
> But what schema is this?  And if it doesn't conform to a standard   
> schema, does that make it useless? If it were based on DCTERMS, at   
> least I'd have a reference at   
> to define the semantics   
> being used (and an RDF namespace at to   
> boot).

Ah, after my own heart! I have tried to convince the OL folks to  
translate their data to dcterms, even did a crosswalk for them. Right  
now they're in panic mode over a major milestone, but once that's over  
I may ping you to make this request directly to them on one of their  
lists. If they only hear it from me, it might just be a personal quirk  
of mine, right?

p.s. The JSON API output doesn't require any programming when it uses  
their data elements; it does do crosswalk to dcterms.... that's been  
the hangup. Then again... their code is open source, the crosswalk I  
did is linked from the launchpad entry here [1] so if anyone wants to  

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