holdings standards/protocols

From: Chris Keene <C.J.Keene_at_nyob>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 14:05:20 +0000

We recently implemented a new third party web catalogue (Aquabrowser).

So far so good, and separating the web based discovery layer from the 
monolithic ILS seems to be the right direction.

However there seems to be two areas of weakness: Holdings and 'My 
Accout' (renewal, reservations). i.e. the need for  *any* 
catalogue/discovery system to allow users to see holdings and account 
info from *any* ils.

I'm trying to get my facts right on the current situation. Any help 

re Holdings.  Two things come up when asking around and looking on the 
web (some what briefly), Z39.50 and ISO 20775.

Can anyone give me an idea if any/many/all (ILS) Z implementations have 
implemented the holdings information?

Is there a way of testing this using a client such as yaz (e.g. a worked 
example of seeing holdings via Z)

Is there interest from ILS suppliers in the ISO holdings standard, are 
any of them implementing it?

Thanks for any info
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